Map Tab Commands

The Map tab contains commands for creating base and thematic maps, downloading maps, adding legends, graticules, collars, scale bars, and insets, and adjusting layers.


Base Map

Polygon, polyline, and point boundaries without data links

Thematic Maps


Hatch Map

Polygons are filled with a pattern corresponding to a range of data

Contour Map

Constant value lines are drawn on a grid of interpolated values.

Symbol Map

Scaled symbols represent a data variable at each polygon, polyline, or point

Density Map

Number of dots in each polygon are proportional to the area's data value

Territory Map

Group boundaries into territories for statistical analysis of data values

Vector Map

Vectors show the direction and magnitude of the steepest slopes

Line Graph Map

Shows a line graph of the data at each polygon, polyline, or point.

Multi-Graph Map

Shows a unique graph for each object data set

Gradient Map

Draw color gradients based on points, areas, or curves

Bar Map

Bar charts represent multiple data variables at each area, curve, or point

Flow Map

Draw curve widths based on data values

Prism Map

Areas are represented as 3D prisms whose height is proportional to the data

Pie Map

Pie charts represent multiple data variables at each area, curve, or point

Cartogram Map

Create a Dorling cartogram

Pin Map

Show point locations on a map

Download Map

Download base maps and images from online WMS servers


Creates a legend for thematic maps


Draws a graticule (grid) in the map window


Create a map collar

Scale Bar

Places a scale bar on the map


Adds an inset to the map

Limit to Selected Shape

Limits the map layers to the selected shape

Move/Size All Layers

Move or resize the entire map and the underlying coordinate system

Plot Properties

Click to open the plot options in the Property Manger


Calibrates the screen and boundary coordinate systems

New Layer

Adds a layer to the map


Locks the active layer and all layer objects' size, position, and properties

Layer Properties

Click to open the active layer options in the Property Manger



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