Move/Size All Layers

When you want to reposition or resize a map and retain the correct map coordinate placement for boundary objects you must use the Map | Plot | Move/Size All Layers command . The Move/Size All Layers command moves or rescales the map coordinate system relative to the page, as well as all objects on all layers of your map. This retains all the objects in their correct positions relative to each other and to the map coordinate system as well. The map scaling indicated in the Scale page is updated to reflect the changes you make in this way.


When you select the Map | Plot | Move/Size All Layers command, selection handles appear around the entire map indicating that you can



Dragging a map by its sizing handles without selecting this command destroys the coordinate system scaling of the map. Also, just moving the map by dragging it to a new location does not preserve the coordinate system. If you import new maps into the map window where stretching or dragging occurred, the maps will not overlay properly.

Use the Map | Move/Size All Layers command

to move a map and its coordinate system. If you

drag a map with your mouse to a new location

without the above command, any newly appended

maps will not overlay properly.



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