Map Coordinates in a New Map Window

A default map coordinate system is imposed on the window when you open a new map window,. If you are displaying boundary units in the status bar, the origin is the center of the page and the coordinates are based on 1,000,000 units per inch. If you begin to draw map boundaries in this new window, the boundary coordinates are based on this default map coordinate system. If you want to impose a new coordinate system on these new boundaries, you can use the Map | Calibrate command.


When you import boundaries into a new map window, the window's map coordinate system is redefined to accommodate the incoming boundaries. In other words, the default map coordinate system described above is overridden. These coordinates remain imposed on this map window, unless you select a command that changes the coordinate system.


When you want to produce a new map, open a new empty map window (using the File | New command). When simply deleting all the boundary objects in a map window, you are NOT removing the underlying map coordinate system. If you subsequently attempt to import different boundary files to this window, the imported boundary objects are placed using the old coordinate system.



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