Map Coordinates

Map coordinates are the coordinates used to place objects on the map in their correct relative positions. MapViewer can make use of any type of coordinate system, although the latitude and longitude coordinate system is the most widely known and used. The boundary files included with MapViewer make use of the latitude and longitude coordinate system.


In a map window, there are two coordinate systems in use at a time.


When you are looking at a map, you can determine the position of objects using the pointer. As you move the pointer over the map, the pointer position is indicated in the status bar at the bottom of the map window. Pointer position can be reported in either page units or map units in the coordinates section of the MapViewer status bar. To control how the measurements are reported, use the File | Options command.


When you want to see the position of the map coordinate system relative to the page, you can use the Map | Graticule command to place grid lines on the map.



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