Moving Map Coordinate Systems on the Page

The Map | Move/Size All Layers command moves or rescales the map coordinate system relative to the page, as well as all objects on all layers of your map. When you want to position a map and retain the correct map coordinate placement for boundary objects you need to use the Map | Move/Size All Layers command. This retains all the objects in their correct positions relative to each other and to the map coordinate system as well. Graticule lines (see Map | Graticule) are repositioned relative to the changes you make. Also, the map scaling indicated in the Scale page is updated to reflect the changes.


When you select the Map | Move/Size All Layers command, selection handles appear around the entire map indicating that you can

Do not resize or reposition a map without using the Map | Move/Size All Layers command. Repositioning or resizing the map without this command will destroy the underlying coordinate system and scale.



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