Map Collar

The map collar is the area outside the neat lines in a map. This collar can contain tick marks and labels as well as information about the tick units. Map collars are created by clicking the Map | Add | Collar command .


Removing the Collar

Click the Map | Add | Collar command while the collar is visible to remove the map collar.


Map Collar Properties

Map collar properties are located on the Collar and  Collar Ticks pages in the Property Manager.


Collar Page

The Collar page is located in the plot properties.


Set the collar limits, line, and fill properties on the Collar page

of the Property Manager.


Setting the Collar Limits

The collar extent is set in the Collar limits group. Select the units for the limits in the Units list. If the projection is Unknown, the available units are Map Units, Page Inches, or Page Centimeters. Any other projection allows you to choose from the full list of available distance units.


Once the units are selected, set the limits in the X Min, X Max, Y Min, and Y Max boxes. Click the Default button to use the MapViewer default collar limits.


Selecting the Line and Fill

The collar line and fill properties are edited by clicking the properties in the Line and Fill sections.


Adding Additional Collar Information

A legend and annotation can be created outside the collar. Grid lines can be drawn with the Graticule command.


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