Property Manager

The Property Manager edits object, layer, or plot properties. The Property Manager contains a list of properties of the selected object. If an object or layer is not selected, the Property Manager shows the properties for the current plot.


Properties and Thematic Maps

Thematic map properties are displayed in the Property Manager. Click on the thematic map layer in the object manager or the Map | Layer | Layer Properties command .


Property Manager Pages

The Property Manager has tabs relating to property types for the selected object, layer, or plot.


Plot Properties

Scale, Units, Limits, Coordinate System, Graticules, Graticule Ticks, Collar, and Collar Ticks

Shared Map Properties1,2

General, Info, and Data Labels

Thematic Map Specific Properties2

Map, Gridding, Symbol, Territory, Graph, Axes, Labels, Bars, 3D Settings, Pies, Font, Layer, Frame, and Method

Object Properties

Info, Symbol, Font, Line, and Fill


1. Base Maps and layers without a thematic map or linked data file only have an Info page. Linking a data file to objects on the layer adds the Data Labels page to the Property Manager.

2. See each map type for a list of applicable Property Manager pages.


Changing Properties

The Property Manager displays the properties for selected objects. For example, a selected polygon has line and fill properties. To change a property, click on the property's value and select a new property from the popup box, scroll to a new number using the  buttons, or type new numbers or text and press ENTER on your keyboard. The property access depends on the property type. In the area example, changing the color requires clicking on the current color and selecting a new color from the color palette, and changing a vector pattern's scale requires typing a new number or scrolling to a new number. When you type the new number, press ENTER on your keyboard or click somewhere in the Property Manager to make the change permanent.


Occasionally, some properties are dependent on your other selections. For example, in the fill properties there is a Scale option. This option is disabled (grayed out) unless you have selected a vector fill type as the Pattern.


Applying Property Changes

MapViewer makes changes to the object properties as you edit them in the Property Manager. Numeric fields require pressing ENTER on your keyboard or clicking somewhere else in the Property Inspector. Click the ESC key while a field is still active to cancel a change.


Opening and Closing the Property Manager

The Property Manager is opened and closed with the View | Managers | Property command. You can also open or close the Property Manager by right-clicking and selecting Managers | Property Manager in the context menu. You can click on the  button in the title bar of the Property Manager to close it.


Changing the Property Manager Location

The Property Manager can be docked on the edge of the MapViewer window or floated as a pop-up window. To change the position of a docked Property Manager, click on the title bar of the Property Manager and drag it to a new location. A thin solid black rectangle indicates the new location is docked. A thick light gray rectangle indicates that the new location is floating. Double-click on the title bar to toggle between floating and docked modes. You can also display the property, coordinates, and data managers in one tabbed view.


Resizing the Property Manager

You can drag the sides of the Property Manager to change the size of the window. If the Property Manager is docked, the upper and lower bounds of the window are indicated by a  cursor. Move the cursor to change the size.


Keyboard Commands

When working with the Property Manager, the up and down arrow keys move up and down in the Property Manager list. The ENTER key activates the highlighted property. The right arrow key expands collapsed sections (i.e. Object Descriptions) and the left arrow collapses the section.


Property Defaults

To change the default line, fill, symbol, or text properties use the Options dialog Default Properties page.


Property Manager Tips

To add an information area about each option in the Property Manager, check the Show Property Manager info area box in the Options dialog User Interface page.


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