Data Labels

Data Labels can be posted for objects on a base or thematic map. Data must be linked to the active layer to open the Data Labels page. The map objects must have primary IDs associated with them.


Symmetric shapes cannot be linked to data, and therefore rectangles, rounded rectangles, and ellipses cannot have data labels. Click the Symmetric Shape to Polygon command to be able to post data labels to symmetric shapes.


Data labels can be added for polygon, point, or polyline objects.

Data Labels Page

Show, select, and format labels on the Data Labels page in the Property Manager.


Select labels to show, move and edit labels, and add lead lines on the Data

Labels page of the Property Manager.



The General group contains options to show, move, edit, and clear labels and select the columns containing the primary ID.

Label Sets

The Label Sets group contains the selected labels. Labels are added and removed in the Label Sets group.

Position: [Current data column selection]

The selected data column in the Label set list is positioned in the Position: group.


The Position options indicate the relative location of the posted data. You can select either Boundary centroid or Data coordinates for each posted variable. If you choose Data coordinates, the X and Y coordinates must be in the current data file. Select the X and Y coordinate data columns in the appropriate X column and Y column list. Move an individual data label with Edit Post Labels or Move an object's centroid with Move Centroids.


The Centroid offset method options let you specify the relative offset for each posted variable. If you are posting more than one variable, you can use different Centroid offset method settings so the posted labels to not overwrite one another. If a User Defined offset is selected, set the X offset and Y offset boxes to place the labels. The values are in page coordinates.


Leader Line: [Current data column selection]

Leader lines are added for the selected data column in the Label set list in the leader line: group. Line properties for leader lines are edited in the Leader Line: group.


Click the Show check box to show or hide leader lines. Click the Leader for custom labels only check box to add leader lines to only labels moved with the Move/edit labels command in the General section.


Format: [Current data column selection]

The Label angle property rotates the data labels. Type a value in degrees into the Label angle field, or click and drag the slider bar to adjust the label angle. If you have custom moved labels, click the Apply button in the Apply angle to custom labels field to rotate the custom labels.


Set text and font properties and label format properties for the data column selected in the Label set list in the Format: group. Apply font and format property changes to custom labels by clicking the Apply button in the Apply font to custom labels and Apply format to custom labels fields, respectively.



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