Move Centroids

The Boundary | Edit Boundaries | Move Centroids command moves the selected object's centroid. The centroid for a polygon is defined as the geographic center of the area. For a polyline, the centroid is defined as the midpoint of the line. For a point, the centroid coincides with the center of the point. The centroid is used for the default ID placement and the position for symbols, pie charts, posted labels, bar charts, and so on. When the command is active, the centroids are marked with a small cross . You can select any number of objects before selecting Move Centroids, and all the centroids are moved simultaneously. Alternatively, you can select individual objects and move the centroids one at a time.


To move centroids, choose the Move Centroids command, click and hold the mouse button anywhere on the map and drag the mouse to move the centroid(s).  Press ESC before releasing the mouse button to cancel the operation. Press ENTER or ESC to finish moving boundaries.


You can move selected object's centroids with

the Boundary | Move Centroids command.



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