Boundary Tab Commands 

The Boundary tab contains commands for editing boundaries and polylines, creating new boundaries, splitting or combining islands and lakes, and assigning attributes to boundaries.


Multi-Assign Attributes

Assigns attributes to multiple objects

Redefine Attributes

Reassigns object IDs and hyperlinks

Change Boundary Type

Converts boundaries:  Polygon to Polyline, Points to Polyline, Polyline to Points, Polyline To Polygon, Polyline To Polygon (Shared Border), Symmetric Shape to Polygon, Spline to Regular Object


Shrinks or expands selected objects

Emphasize Group

Shrinks or expands a group of selected objects

Move Centroids

Moves centroid positions of selected objects


Removes points from selected polygons and polylines


Smooths a selected polygon or polyline


Reshapes selected polygon or polyline

Reverse Direction

Reverses the order of the vertices of the selected polygon

Connect Polylines

Joins two or more selected polylines

Break Polyline

Breaks a polyline into multiple polylines

Break at Intersections

Breaks selected polylines into multiple polylines at intersections

New Boundaries

Creates new boundaries with Union of Polygons, Intersect Polygons, Difference of Polygons, Divide Polygons, Intersection Points, EncloseConvex Hull, Triangulation, Thiessen Polygons


Breaks a complex area into simple islands and lakes


Combines selected areas into a single complex polygon



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