Use the Draw | Tools | Reshape  or Boundary | Edit Boundaries | Reshape command to move, add, and delete vertices within a selected polyline or polygon. This command is available only when a single polyline or polygon is selected. For doing detailed work, or when there is an abundance of vertices in the area you want to reshape, it is helpful to zoom in your view of the area you are working on before using this feature.


After selecting Reshape, all vertices in the selected object are shown with hollow squares. You can click a vertex to select it. The selected vertex is indicated by a solid green square and it can be moved by dragging it with the mouse.


When Reshape is selected, the object color changes to red, vertices that make up the object are shown by small hollow squares. A selected vertex is shown as a solid green square.


Reshaping Boundaries

To edit the shape of a curve or area:

1.    Select the object.

2.    Click Draw | Tools | Reshape (or Boundary | Edit Boundaries | Reshape)

3.    The object line color changes to red and vertices appear as small hollow squares.

4.    To move a vertex, click on the vertex with the mouse and drag it to a new location. To add a vertex, hold down the CTRL key and click the area on the area or curve. To delete a vertex, select it and then press the DELETE key.

5.    After reshaping the object, press the ENTER key to end reshaping or press the ESC key to cancel the changes.


Reshape Keys

There are a number of special keys that control the Reshape operation.

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