Draw Tab Commands

The Draw tab contains commands to create text, polygons, polylines, symbols, insert objects, and reshape objects.



Creates a new text block


Creates a new polygon

Spline Polygon

Create a new spline polygon


Creates a new polyline

Spline Polyline

Creates a new spine polyline


Creates a new point


Creates a new rectangle or square

Rounded Rectangle

Creates a new rectangle or square with rounded corners


Creates a new ellipse or circle


Moves, adds, or deletes points in the selected polygon, polyline, spline polygon, or spline polyline

Break Apart

Breaks WMF or EMF objects into component parts for editing


Select, move, and size objects

Lock Object

Locks the size and position of the selected object(s)


Creates a blended boundary bitmap


Creates a color graded bitmap outline around boundary objects

Crop to Shape

Crops a bitmap based on the shape of the selected object(s)


Applies a Spatial or Median filter to the selected image


Edit the image with Sharpen, Convert Color Depth, Collect Colors, and Select Transparent colors, or adjust Saturation, Brightness, and Contrast

Ellipse - Region

Defines a new ellipse or circle region for map analysis

Rectangle - Region

Defines a new rectangle or square region for map analysis

Polygon - Region

Defines a new polygon region for map analysis


Defines a buffer zone around a selected object or group of objects

By Selecting

Defines a region by selecting PIDs from the object list

By Current Selection

Defines a region around the current selection


Allows for defining two or more regions


Clears all defined regions



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