Click the Draw | Shape | Polygon command to draw an irregularly shaped area. Polygons must have at least three vertices (points).


Polygon Properties

Polygons contain two types of properties: line properties and fill properties. You can change these properties in the Property Manager.


Drawing a Polygon

To draw a polygon:

1.    Click the Draw | Shape | Polygon command .

2.    Move the cross hair cursor over the location for the start of the polygon and click the left mouse button.

3.    Move the cursor to the next position along the line and click again.

4.    Continue this procedure until you click the final point and then press the ENTER key, or double-click the final point with the left mouse button. Pressing ENTER closes the polygon by connecting the first and last points that were selected regardless of cursor position. Double-clicking the left mouse button places a point where the cursor is located and connects that point to the first point.

5.    Press the ESC key to exit drawing mode.


This shows a
Polygon drawn
through three points.


Drawing Tips



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