The Draw | Shape | Polyline command is used to draw a polyline at any position on the page. Lines drawn in this manner can have as many segments as desired. Polylines can display any line style or color and can include arrowheads at either end of the polyline. Polylines can have associated primary IDs so you can use polylines as boundary files with pie, bar, symbol, flow, prism, line graph, post and territory maps.


Polylines and Thematic Maps

Polylines can be used to represent data on some thematic maps. Polylines can be assigned a line style, color, and width (see Property Manager). You can assign a primary ID (PID) used to link the polyline to data in a file. Secondary IDs, attributes, and hyperlinks can be used as an additional identifiers for the polyline. Polylines can be imported using the File | Import command, the Map | Base Map command.


Polylines and Primary IDs

Polylines can be used to display thematic information stored in the data file. A polyline is linked to a corresponding row in the data by its primary ID. If you want to assign a primary ID to a polyline, select the polyline after it is completed, and then type the PID into the Object Manager. You can also change the IDs for a selected polyline in the Info section of the Property Manager.


Polyline Properties

Polylines contain line properties. You can change these properties in the Property Manager.


Drawing a Polyline

To draw a polyline:

  1. Click the Draw | Shape | Polyline command to enter drawing mode and begin drawing a polyline.

  2. Move the cross hair cursor over the location for the start of the polyline and click the left mouse button.

  3. Move the pointer to the next position along the line and click again.

  4. Continue this procedure until you click at the final point for the line then press the ENTER key, or double-click the left mouse button to place the final point.

  5. Press the ESC key or select another command button to exit drawing mode.


This shows a
Polyline drawn
through three points.


Drawing Tips



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