Line Graph Map

image\histogrammap.gifLine graph maps show line graphs of the data at each centroid location. By looking at a single line graph, you can see how the individual data value relates to the whole data column. All data are sorted from minimum to maximum values and then graphed. The Y axis displays the relative data values, and the X axis displays the number of values in the data column. The Graph fill portion of the line graph (left side) displays the individual data value, and the Profile fill section (right side) fills remainder of the graph with another color to represent the entire data column.


To graph different data sets for each object, use a multi-graph map.


Line graph maps can be made for polygons, polylines, or points.


Creating and Editing a Line Graph Map

Click the Map | Create Map | Line Graph command to create a line graph map. Edit the line graph map properties in the Property Manager.


See Creating and Editing Thematic Maps for information on creating a map, changing a map to another map type, and changing map properties.


Line Graph Map Properties

The Property Manager for a line graph map has General, Data Labels, Info, Graph, and Map pages. Click the preceding hyperlinks for information on properties in each of the property manager pages.



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