The Map | Add | Legend command adds a legend to a thematic map. The type of legend depends on the type of map. For example, a hatch map shows the colors related to each of the hatch map ranges. If you have a multiple layer map with more than one thematic map type, the legend can include information for any or all of the thematic maps. When the map or data are updated, the legend is updated automatically. Legends are not available when you do not have a thematic map displayed. To modify an existing legend, select the legend and edit the legend properties in the Property Manager. If a legend already exists for the layer, clicking the Map | Add | Legend command selects the existing legend.


This is an example of a hatch map legend.


Legend Properties

The Property Manager contains a number of options for editing legends. The legend Property Manager has Legend, Layer, and Info pages. Some of these options are universal to all map legends, while others are specific to individual thematic map types.



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