Drawing Text Along a Curve

Text can be drawn along a polyline or spline polyline. The text can be the PID, SID, or both. After displaying the ID(s), the text properties can be edited in the Property Manager by clicking on the text and changing the Text and Font Properties. For spline polylines, it is best to use Above or Below for the Vertical Alignment property.


Above is an example of text following a Spline Polyline. Text can also follow Polylines. The label text is edited by clicking on the text and

editing its properties in the Property Manager.


To Draw Text Along a Spline Polyline or Polyline:


1.    First, draw the line with the Polyline or Spline Polyline command.

2.    Exit draw mode by pressing ESC or clicking the Select command. Select the line by clicking on it in the plot window or the Object Manager.

3.    Click on the Info page in the Property Manager.

4.    Enter the desired text into the PID and/or SID fields.

5.    Select the text you wish to display in the ID List field, and click the Show ID check box.

6.    Change the Alignment Method to In relation to curve, and change the Horizontal Alignment and Vertical Alignment properties to your desired setting.

7.    Edit text properties by clicking the text in the plot window and changing the properties in the Property Manager.


You can show/hide the polyline object and object PID/SID labels separately, if you would like to display the curved text without showing the line.



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