Territory Map

Territory maps allow polygons, polylines, or points to be grouped into territories by defining a grid or by hand selecting the areas for territories. The Property Manager Territory and Map pages display information about the territory map including the active territory, the territory name, fill color, number of objects in a territory, and statistics.


Territory maps can be made for polygons, polylines, or points. The fill color is assigned to the territory's polygons, polylines, or points.


Categorizing Objects

The territory map is used to group objects and report statistics based on the groups. If you wish to assign colors to areas based on data, use the hatch map instead. If you wish to categorize points based on data, use a pin map. If you wish to categorize curves, use a flow map.


Creating and Editing a Territory Map

Click the Map | Create Map | Territory command to create a territory map. Edit a territory map in the Property Manager.


See Creating and Editing Thematic Maps for information on creating a map, changing a map to another map type, and changing map properties.


Territory Map Properties

The Property Manager for a territory map contains General, Data Labels, Info, Map, and Territory pages. Click the preceding hyperlinks for information on properties in each of the property manager pages.


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