Map Page - Territory Map

Edit hatch and fill properties, combine, manage, and save territories for territory maps in the Map page of the Property Manager.


Edit territory map properties in the Map page of the Property Manager.



The General group contains options for the display of the map hatching.

Click the Combine... button next to Combine territory objects to combine territory objects into a single polygon in the Combine Territory Areas dialog.


Click the Save... button next to Save territory assignments to save territory names and/or numbers to worksheet columns in the Save Territory Assignments to Linked Worksheet dialog.



Map territories on grids, by data classes, or by text classes, or manually manage the territories in the Territories dialog. Click the button next to Manage Territories to edit territories in the Territories dialog.



Fill pattern and colors for territories are changed in the Fill group. Click the Pattern style to select a pattern in the fill palette. Click on a Foreground colors style to select a predefined colormap for the territories. Click the button to select a custom colormap in the Colormap dialog.


Undefined Objects

Click the Fill undefined objects check box to add fill properties to objects not included in the map territories. Click the Fill properties option to edit fill properties. Select a gradient Type, Colormap, and Gradient Direction to apply a gradient fill. Clicking the button near Colormap opens the Colormap dialog.


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