Worksheet Window

The worksheet window contains commands to display, edit, enter, and save data. The worksheet window has several useful and powerful editing, transformation, and statistical operations available. Several import and export options are available for opening data files from other spreadsheet programs.


Worksheet Commands


Opens, closes, saves, and prints files. Provides links to online references and email templates. Provides access to serial number and MapViewer version number.


Contains undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, and links to the tutorial and help file.

View - Worksheet

Controls the display of toolbars, managers, status bar, tabbed documents; and the resetting of the window layout.


Contains clear, insert, delete, find, replace, cell formatting, column width, row height, and commands to sort, transform, or display statistics for data.


The Application/Document Control menu commands control the size and position of the application window or the document window.


Other Useful Worksheet Information

Worksheet Window User Interface

Data File Formats

Opening a Worksheet Window

Working with Worksheet Data

Worksheet Keyboard Commands

Worksheet Statistics

Worksheet Technical Specifications

Error Codes and Special Numeric Values