Data Tab Commands - Worksheet Window

The Data tab contains common commands to edit, sort, find, and manipulate data, format cells, and perform statistics and mathematical transformations.



Erase the contents of selected worksheet cells


Insert a block of blank cells in place of the selected cells


Remove selected worksheet cells and move rows or columns

Delete Unlinked Data

Removes rows from the worksheet that are not used in the active thematic map


Loads the content of a data file into an existing worksheet


Find a particular word or phrase in the worksheet

Find Next

Find the next occurrence of the word or phrase


Replace the word or phrase with alternate text

Format Cells

Sets the numeric format, alignment, and background color for the selected cells

Column Width

Set column widths for selected columns

Row Height

Sets row height for selected rows


Sort selected cells


Apply a mathematical transform to columns, rows, or cells


Compute statistics on selected cells


Convert columns to rows and rows to columns

Text to Number

Convert text strings to numeric format

Number to Text

Convert numeric data to text strings



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