Arrange Tab Commands

The Arrange tab contains common commands, setting the size and position of objects, selecting, deselecting, or inverting the selection, arranging objects, grouping objects, and rotating objects.


Width or Height

Set the size of a selected object

X or Y

Set the object's position

Select by Object

Select objects by type

Select All

Select all objects in the document

Deselect All

Deselect all selected objects

Block Select

Select objects within a rectangle


Reverse the selection

Select/Deselect from List

Select from a list of polygon, polyline, and point objects

Select Hidden Objects

Selects all of the hidden objects in the plot


Arranges drawing objects with To Front, To Back, Forward, or Backward commands


Aligns objects to the left, right, center, top, bottom, or middle of the selection

Sort Objects

Sort objects on the current layer

Disperse Points

Spread out overlapped points

Auto Rearrange Text

Move overlapped text


Rotates an object by specified degrees

Free Rotate

Rotates an object with the mouse

Rotate Prism

Rotates a prism map



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