Sort Objects

To sort the current layer, click the Arrange | Arrange | Sort Objects command.


Sort Objects Dialog


Select order and object type for sorting in the Sort

Objects dialog.


Sort by

Select the sort criteria in the Sort by list. You can sort on the Object type, PID, SID, Attributes, Vertex count, Length, Area, Polygon directions, Number of subpolygons, Hyperlink, or Linked data. The object Length is the length of a polyline or perimeter of a polygon.



Click on Ascending or Descending to select the sort order.


Ignore Case

If you are sorting a field that may contain text such as PID or SID/Text fields, you can choose to exclude character case by clicking the Ignore case check box.


Label in First Row

If Linked data is selected, select a column on which to sort in the Data list and check the Labels in first row box if there are labels in the first row.


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