Analysis Tab Commands

The Analysis tab contains commands for querying data, making reports, evaluating boundary objects, measuring distance, and geocoding.



Query boundary subset


Query the map data based on data statistics


Query boundaries within a specified distance from a singly selected boundary object

Make Report

Create boundary and territory records reports, data, coordinates, properties, and centroids object reports, text look-up table reports, and map document reports

Records in Regions

Display data records within the region (boundaries must have primary IDs)

Browse Database Records

Browse database entries and generate reports

Create Data

Counts the number of points in each area or each unique data value in a worksheet column and outputs the data in a new column

Shortest Path

Calculate shortest distance of travel

Closest Neighbor

Find neighboring point locations

Bordering Neighbors

Create a list of areas that share borders with the selected area

Polylines in Polygon

Finds and selects polylines within a polygon

Touched by Polyline

Finds and selects objects touched or intersected by a polyline

Weighted Mean Center

Places point in the weighted mean center of an object or group of selected objects

Measure Distance

Measure the surface distance

Distance of Travel


Calculate the total distance of travel between selected primary IDs

Tabulated Distance

Create tabulated distance for boundary objects


Assign latitude/longitude coordinates to U.S. addresses



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