Boundary Records

If you would like to see the data for a group of selected objects, use the Analysis | Make Report | Records Reports | Boundary command . The resulting records are displayed in the worksheet. The advantage to displaying the results in the worksheet is that you can use all of the worksheet commands (statistics, transform, save as, etc.), and create new data files to use in thematic maps.


To view a group of records in the worksheet:

  1. Select one or more boundary objects (polyline, polygon, or point). You can select boundary objects by clicking on them or through Queries, Query within Range, and Records in Regions.

  2. Click Analysis | Make Report | Records Reports | Boundary.

  3. A worksheet window opens displaying the records for the selected objects.


Each time the command is selected a new worksheet is created. The new worksheet may be edited and saved. The worksheet created with Boundary Records is not linked to the map, so edits in this worksheet do not appear on the map. To use the boundary records with the active layer, use Home | Data | Load to load the new worksheet.



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