Object Centroids Report

You can use the Analysis | Make Report | Object Reports | Centroids command to display the active layer objects' coordinates in a report window. The primary ID, secondary ID, attribute 1, and attribute 2  for each centroid are also reported.


Report Centroids Dialog

Select the report form, coordinate units, and

whether to quote IDs in the Report

Centroids dialog.



If you check the Report coordinates in BNA form check box in the Report Centroids dialog, the coordinates are automatically converted into the Atlas BNA format so you can use the results as a base map. If you do not create an Atlas BNA file you can always use the points in a pin map.


If Quote IDs is selected, the primary ID and secondary ID/Text are quoted. This is important if you have spaces in the text and would like to save as a text file [.TXT] from the report window. If the text with spaces is quoted it appears in one cell. If the text is not quoted and contains spaces, each word is located in a separate cell.


You can report the coordinates in latitude and longitude ( Lat/ Lon) or in Meters. If your projection is Unknown, the XY coordinates are reported in the map coordinates.


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