Query within Range

The Analysis | Query | Range command allows you to select, show, or apply properties to all objects within a specified distance of the selected object's center. Select only one object to activate this command. If you would like to select multiple objects, use Draw | Region | Buffer.


Query within Range Dialog


Query within a specified range from a selected object to select, show, or edit objects or to create

worksheets, reports, layers, or points with the Query within Range dialog.



In the Query within Range dialog, you can choose to Select, Show, Apply Properties, Create worksheet with, Create report with, or Create layer with the queried boundaries in the Action group.


Select the type of object you wish to query (Points, Polygons, Polylines, Rectangles, Rounded Rectangles, Squares, Ellipses, and Circles) from the list box. For example, if you selected a county boundary, make sure Polygon is highlighted to select the areas that fall within the specified distance of the selected county. Clicking on an object once selects it, clicking on it again deselects it. You can select multiple objects in the list by clicking on them once. Check the Include boundaries partially within range box to apply the action to boundaries that do not completely fall into the specified distance from the selected boundary.


Enter a number into the Within box to define the distance you would like to extend the selection from the object. The units of the distance depend on what is selected on the Units page in the Property Manager.


Query Layers

The Apply action to all visible layers check box queries all map layers. Check this box to apply the map query across every layer in the map window.



If you would like to see the data associated with selected objects, use Analysis | Make Report | Records Reports | Boundary. Alternatively, you can use Create worksheet with.



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