Click the Draw | Ellipse command to create an ellipse or circle in the plot document.


Ellipse Properties

Ellipses contain two types of properties: line properties and fill properties. You can change these properties in the Property Manager.


Drawing an Ellipse

To draw an ellipse:

  1. Click the Draw | Shape | Ellipse command .

  2. Press and hold the left mouse button at one corner of the bounding box of the ellipse.

  3. Drag the cursor to the opposite corner of the ellipse. The size of the ellipse’s bounding box appears in the status bar as it is drawn.

  4. Release the left mouse button when the ellipse is the preferred size and shape.

  5. Press the ESC key to exit drawing mode.


Drawing a Circle

To draw a circle, hold down the CTRL key while dragging the mouse to draw a circle rather than an ellipse.


Drawing Tips



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