Select/Deselect From List

Click the Arrange | Selection | Select/Deselect From List command to select or deselect polygons, polylines, and points by their IDs.


Select/Deselect from List Dialog


Choose objects to select or deselect in the Select/Deselect from List dialog.


You can choose one or several object IDs (PID, SID, Attributes, and Hyperlink) from the list. To choose several consecutive IDs, click on the first object's PID cell, hold down the SHIFT key, and then click on the last object's PID cell. To choose several non-consecutive IDs, click on each object's PID cell while holding down the CTRL key. Either click the Select or Deselect option depending on which action you would like to perform. If the Accumulative box is checked, selections made with this command are additive and will not deselect any previously selected objects.



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