Delete - Worksheet

The Data | Edit | Delete command deletes the selected worksheet cells and shifts cells up or to the left to fill in the gap. After selecting Data | Edit | Delete, the Delete dialog appears. Specify the desired behavior of the cells in the Delete dialog and click OK. The selected cells are deleted and the contents of cells below or to the right are moved to fill the deleted block.


Delete Dialog
When using Data | Edit | Delete, you can shift
cells to the left or up to fill in the gap.


Shift Cells Left or Shift Cells Up

Click Shift Cells Up or Shift Cells Left option button to specify if cells will be shifted to the left or shifted up to fill in the gap after deleting the selected cells.


Delete Entire Row or Entire Column

Click Entire Row or Entire Column to delete the entire row or column that contains highlighted cells.


Leave Deleted Cells Empty

To leave the selected cells empty when the data are removed, use the Clear command, press the DELETE key, or use the Cut command.



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