Hyperlinks can be associated with map objects. Hyperlinks are links to data files, internet sites, email addresses, or simply additional text descriptions of an object. Map objects with web hyperlinks are actively linked, so you can click on an object using the hyperlink tool and the website opens in a web browser (provided an internet connection is available).

Hyperlinks add additional information to your map.


Adding Hyperlinks

Associate a hyperlink with an object or change the hyperlink for a selected object in the Info section of the Property Manager.


Exporting Hyperlinks

When exporting the plot to an HTML Image Map file, hyperlinks are preserved and can be used in a website, for example.


Hyperlink Abbreviations

The hyperlink can contain an abbreviation (title) that appears when using View | Hyperlink. When creating or editing a hyperlink add a pipe symbol ( | ) and the abbreviation as in: http://www.goldensoftware.com|GSI.


When you move the cursor over the object with the above hyperlink, GSI is displayed rather than http://www.goldensoftware.com.


Viewing Hyperlinks

Click View | Display | Hyperlink to move the cursor over the map window and identify objects with associated hyperlinks. If an object has a hyperlink, the hyperlink text appears in a yellow pop up window when the cursor hovers above the object. If the hyperlink is a web address, file path, or an email address, click on the object to go directly to the web site, open the file, or compose an email message.