Define Region

When displaying a map, you might want to obtain information on selected portions of the map. The Draw | Region commands allow you to specify a selection region by drawing a ellipse, rectangle, or polygon. Alternatively, you can select boundary objects by their primary IDs or in the Plot Window to create a selection region or buffer zone.


If you want to define more than one selection region at the same time, you can use the Draw | Region | Add command. The selection region you define remains displayed on the screen until you define another selection region, or you choose the Draw | Region | Clear command.


Once you have defined the region or regions, you can use the Analysis | Data | Records in Regions command to display information for the contained boundary objects.


Create a region with one of the following Draw | Region commands:


Selects boundary objects within a user-defined circle


Selects boundary objects within a user defined rectangle


Selects boundary objects within a user defined polygon


Selects boundary objects within an automatically generated buffer zone

By Selecting

Selects boundary objects based on their primary IDs

Selection is made through the Define Regions by PIDs dialog

By Current Selection

Defines region with the current selection's boundary objects

Objects are selected in the plot window or object manager

Opens the Regions by Selection dialog




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