Redefine Attributes

The Boundary | Attributes | Redefine command allows you to redefine the PID, SID, or Hyperlink with the object's PID, SID, Hyperlink, or Attributes. This tool can be particularly useful when you have a conflict between primary IDs in your boundary and data files. For example, the US County boundary files included with MapViewer have the FIPS codes as the primary IDs, and county names as the secondary IDs. You may have a data file with county names but not have the FIPS code information. Rather than editing your data file, simply exchange the boundary file primary and secondary IDs with the Boundary | Attributes | Redefine command. (You can also assign IDs to the entire map during the boundary import.)


Redefine Attributes Dialog


The Redefine Attributes dialog opens when Boundary | Attributes | Redefine is clicked.


Redefine the PID, SID, or Hyperlink with the object's PID, SID, Hyperlink, or Attributes.


Available Object Attributes

The Available object attributes list displays all of the attributes that exist for objects in the map layer. The list can include primary and secondary IDs, a hyperlink, and other attributes.


Redefine and Clear buttons

The Redefine PID, Redefine SID, and Redefine hyperlink buttons allow you to redefine IDs. Click on an ID in the Available object attributes list, and then click one of these buttons to reassign the ID. If you wish to remove an ID from its existing location, click the appropriate Clear button located to the right of the New attributes list.


New Attributes

The New attributes list displays the configuration of IDs that will be applied when OK is clicked. When the Redefine Attributes dialog is initially opened, this list shows the current configuration (PID = PID, SID = SID, hyperlink = Hyperlink)




Let's imagine that we want to redefine the secondary ID to match the primary ID. First, click on the word PID to select it from the Available object attributes list. Next, click the Redefine SID button to change the secondary IDs so they match the primary IDs. Click the OK button to apply the changes and close the dialog.



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