Emphasize and Emphasize Group

The Boundary | Edit Boundaries | Emphasize and Boundary | Edit Boundaries | Emphasize Group commands offset selected object(s) from the rest of the objects on the map by reducing or expanding it in size. Use Boundary | Edit Boundaries | Emphasize if you want to emphasize each boundary independently and use Boundary | Edit Boundaries | Emphasize Group if you have multiple selected objects to emphasize as a group. All object types, except Text, can be used with the Emphasize and Emphasize Group commands, but at least one polygon must be selected. Use Font Properties to adjust Text size.

Emphasized areas can be made smaller

so they stand out, like the dark area here.


Emphasize Group contracts or expands the group from its geographic center. For example, you can use the Emphasize Group command to offset a region, such as the Western States, away from the rest of the states.

When you emphasize a group, the entire group

is shrunk towards the center of the group.


Emphasize Dialog


You can enter a Scaling factor from 10 percent to 200 percent in the Emphasize dialog. Ten percent scaling reduces the selected objects to 10 percent its original size, 100 percent does not change the object size at all, and 200 percent expands the objects to 200 percent its original size. Only the selected objects are emphasized. To be emphasized, text, points, and other objects contained within an area must be also selected.


You can draw connecting lines (or callout lines) with Draw | Shape | Polyline.



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