Show Objects

The View | Display | Show Objects command displays or hides all objects of a specified type (text, areas, points, etc.). Use this command to hide objects that may obscure other objects or take too long to redraw. When you select the Show Objects command the Show Objects dialog with all the different object types appears. Check the objects you want to display or remove the check marks from objects you want to hide.


Select objects to show in the Show Objects dialog


Objects hidden by using the View | Display | Show Objects command are still included in the scaling calculations. This may result in a blank border around the window if one or more hidden objects extend past the visible objects. By default, primary and secondary IDs are switched off under View | Display | Show Objects.


After an object is hidden, it cannot be selected. The objects may be displayed again by rechecking the appropriate check box. Specific objects and map layers may be displayed or hidden in the Object Manager.


To make map objects invisible, but still display the object's map theme, enable the Theme of hidden object check box. If primary IDs and secondary IDs are displayed through Show Objects, you can move the text locations individually by dragging the text to new locations.



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