Texture Mapping

The Texture Mapping dialog allows you to display a fill pattern or an image on prism maps. This can add additional information to your map, such as a company logo or an advertisement. You might also want to display a texture fill pattern or an image across prism map faces simply to enhance the map appearance.


To add texture to a prism map:

1.    Create a prism map.

2.    Click on the Map page in the Property Manager.

3.    Set the Color method to Boundaries.

4.    Click the Texture button to open the Texture Mapping dialog.


Display a fill pattern or bitmap on a prism map in the Texture

Mapping dialog.


Applying Texture

Check the Apply texture box to add texture to a prism map. This option must be checked to access the other settings in the dialog. If the Apply texture on top face only box is checked, the image or fill pattern is only drawn on the top of the prism map areas. If this option is disabled the texture is drawn on the sides and tops of the prism map objects. The Blend texture color with material color option blends the defined texture with the fill properties of the prism map objects.


Texture Method

There are two texture methods to choose from in the Texture method list:



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