Color Classes

The Color Classes dialog is opened when you click the Color Classes button on the Map page of the Property Manager. The color classes operate similarly to hatch map coloring. Set the Color method to Classes to activate the Classes button. You can categorize the data by color, and these colors are plotted on the area prisms. The variable used to color the prisms can be different from the variable used for prism height (General page).


Set data classes and fill properties in the Color Classes dialog.



Select the data for prism colors in the Data column for class list. The list shows the available data columns from the linked data sheet. This variable can be different from the prism height variable, so you can show two variables at one time on the map.


Undefined Data

Color for all other data is the color used for all areas without a corresponding data value and for areas that contain values that do not fall in the specified classes.


Data Classes

Number of classes specifies the number of color classes (groupings) used for the variable. Up to 100 classes can be specified.


Saving and Loading Classes

Once the classes are defined, they can be saved for reuse in a class file [.CLS]. Click the Save Classes button to save the classes. To use an existing class file, click the Load Classes button. You can also save the class information to a data file by clicking the Save Class Info to Worksheet File button.


Classification Method

The Classification method is the method by which the class limits are calculated.


Class Information

The Objects in classes group displays summary statistics and allows you to specify the properties for each class.



The Data Statistics box shows data statistics for the selected variable.


Data Limits

The Set Data limits group lets you specify the extents of the prism classes. If you would like to keep the prism class range the same for a series of maps, even if your data range varies between data sets, check the User defined box and set the Min and Max values. The minimum value is plotted as the minimum value of the first class and the maximum value is plotted as the maximum value of the last class. This is useful when you would like to plot a series of maps and show the same colors at the same classes each time. Use Map | Legend to display a legend of the prism map class colors and values.



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