Pin Labels

The pin map Pin Labels page adds labels to pin maps.


Add pin labels and edit label properties in the Pin Labels page of the

Property Manager.



Click the Show label check box to show data labels on the pins. Once the labels are displayed, a label can be moved by clicking on the label and dragging it to a new position.


Select the text for the pin labels in the Label source column list.


Labels Settings

Label font and format properties are edited in the Labels Settings section of the Pin Labels page. Labels can also be rotated in the Labels Settings section.


Enter the number of degrees for label rotation in the Label angle box. The label rotation can also be adjusted by clicking and dragging the bar.


Edit font and format properties in the Font Properties and Label Format groups respectively. See the font properties and format properties help pages for more information on editing label font and format properties.


Label Position

Position relative to symbol controls the placement of the pin map labels.


Text Properties

The Font button displays the Text Properties dialog. Use this dialog to specify the text properties for the pin labels. The same properties are applied to all labels.


Numeric Format

The Format button allows you to set numeric label format and to add suffixes or prefixes to the labels.



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