Pin Classes

Pin symbol properties can be determined by classifying data or text values in the worksheet. Select Class by data or Class by text in the Method list and click the Edit Classes button to open the Classes dialog.


Classes Dialog

Data and text are classified in the Classes dialog. The symbol properties for the pin map are edited for each class independently.


Edit pin map classes and class symbol properties in the Classes dialog.


Number of Classes

The Number of classes value is used to specify the number of classes or groupings on the map. This number is the number of classes displayed in the Data points in classes table. You can have up to 100 classes.


Creating Classes

The Classification method specifies the method used to calculate the limits of the classes.


Saving and Loading Classes

Once the classes are defined, they can be saved for reuse in a class file [.CLS].  Click the Save Classes button to save the classes. To use an existing class file, click the Load Classes button.  You can also save the class information to a worksheet file by clicking the Save Class Info to Worksheet File button.


Class Information

The Data points in classes group displays summary statistics and allows you to specify the properties for each class.



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