General - Pin Map

The General page is located in the Property Manager when a Pin Map is selected for the active layer. Information about the map's data file can be viewed and changed in the General page.


Change or save the map data file, specify the PID and Variable

columns, and set data limits on the General page of the

Property Manager.


Data Filename

The Data File property shows the current loaded data file for the map. Load a new data file into the map with the open button. Save changes to the data file with the save button.


Data Columns

The properties in the Data Columns section specify which data columns contain the map object PIDs and X and Y variables.


PID Column

PID column indicates the location of the primary ID in the data. The data primary ID must match the primary IDs used on the boundaries.


Pin Locating Methods

Pin map point locations are based on XY coordinates that can be contained in a data file, or the pins can be based on special location files. You can locate points on a map in three ways. The Locating method controls the placement of pins on the map.


Data Limits

The Data Limits section contains properties for specifying linked, global, or user defined data limits, and if absolute values are used for negative numbers.


Selecting Data Limits

Clicking the Use user-defined limits check box allows editing in the Min limits and Max limits cells. Type numeric values into Min limits and Max limits to set your own data limits.

If the Use user-defined limits box is not selected, the data limits are the minimum and maximum linked values in the Variable column.


Create Attributes

The Create Attributes group specifies the location of information within the data file.


Condition Filter

The Condition Filter group shows or hides pins based on a user-defined condition.

1. Select a data file column from the Left-hand side list to start creating a condition filter.

2. Next select an Operator to compare the left and right sides. See Mathematical Functions for a list of operator descriptions.

3. Type the condition value into the Right-hand side box. Enclose non-numeric text values with double quotes (").


Click the Apply filter check box to apply your filter to the pin map.


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