Text Editor

You can access the Text Editor by creating new text or by editing existing text. To open the Text Editor with existing text, double-click on the text object in the Object Manager or the  button in the Property Manager  to open the Text Editor.


Text and Font properties are linked with the Text Editor. Changes in one will be represented in the other. This does not include alignment options. Changing the alignment in the Font Properties changes the alignment with respect to the reference point, or the point that was clicked to create the text. Editing the text alignment in the Text Editor aligns the text within the text box.


Type or edit text in the Text Editor.


Text Appearance

Select a typeface from the list in the upper left corner of the dialog.


Set the size (in points) of the typeface in the box to the right of the typeface list.


Click the colored button to the right of the size box to display the color palette and change the color for the highlighted text.


Several styles (including bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough) can be applied to the text. Note that some typefaces, such as Symbol, do not support bold or italicized text.


Superscripts and Subscripts

When working with superscripts and subscripts, you can type the character, highlight it, and then click the superscript or subscript buttons. Alternatively, you can also click the button or button and then type the characters. Click the button or button a second time to return to the normal size font and placement.


If the default superscript or subscript placement is not sufficient, you can highlight the text and enter a number in the box adjacent to the subscript box to raise or lower text from the midpoint of the existing line. Click the button to reset the highlighted character's position to the default unsuperscripted or unsubscripted position.


Sub Position

You can click in any field in a template and use the boxes below Sub Position to modify the position of the field in a template. The values are offsets from the main character's zero position and are in pixels. How far each value moves the template field is determined in part by the font size. Positive values move the field to the right and up. The Sub Position values are only available when editing text in a template field.


Editing Tools

Text can be edited using the following tools:


Use the Property Manager Font page to edit the Background color and Background opacity.


Text Box Alignment

A reference point is the point clicked on in the plot window after clicking the Draw | Shape | Text command. The text box is horizontally and vertically aligned relative to the reference point. The default position is that the reference point is at the upper left corner of the bounding box (left, top).


To edit the alignment for text that already exists, change the Horizontal alignment and Vertical alignment options in the Property Manager on the Font page.


Resize the Text Editor

To make the Text Editor larger or smaller, click and drag on the lower left corner of the dialog. When the dialog is the desired size, release the mouse button.


OK or Cancel

Click the OK button to save your changes and close the Text Editor. Click the Cancel button to exit the Text Editor without saving your changes.



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