Text Editor Template Library

You can use text templates from the Template Library to add equation formats into the Text Editor.


Template Library Dialog

Click the button in the Text Editor dialog to open the Template Library dialog.


Use the Template Library to insert templates that

can be used to input equations into the Text Editor.



Use the up and down buttons at the left side of the screen to reposition a selected template in the library.



Click the New button to create a new template. The Symbol Properties dialog opens. Select a base symbol, click OK, and the Create\Edit Template dialog appears.



Click the Edit button to edit the selected template in the Create\Edit Template dialog.



Click the Copy button to duplicate the selected template. The copied template is automatically pasted at the end of the template library.



Click the Delete button to delete a template.



Click the Import button to use a different Golden Software template library file [.LBT].



Click the Insert button to insert a template into the Text Editor.



Click the Close button to close the template library without inserting a template into the Text Editor.



For example, to use the Template Library to create an image of the square root of a number:

  1. Click the Draw | Shape | Text command.

  2. Click on the view window where you want the text to be displayed.

  3. In the Text Editor dialog, click the button.

  4. In the Template Library dialog, select the template and click the Insert button.

  5. In the Text Editor, the template is inserted as . Enter the numeric value, for example the number nine, and click OK to display the in the view window.



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