MapViewer GSM Files


MapViewer Files [.GSM] contain all information displayed in a map window. This includes boundaries, drawing objects, graticules, associated data files, and window settings. All layers and thematic information are also stored. These files are binary and cannot be edited.


To load a [.GSM] file into the current document window, use the File | Open command. To save the current document window as a [.GSM] file, use the File | Save or File | Save As command.


Occasionally, you may want to merge two [.GSM] files together. To do so, use the File | Import command. When a [.GSM] file is imported, all layers of the file are inserted before the active layer in the current document. Therefore, if you want the map in the file to be placed behind the map in the current document, use the Object Manager and make the bottom layer active before performing the import. If you want the map in the file to be placed in front of the layer in the current map, use New Layer to create a new layer (which is placed on top of all existing layers). Then import the [.GSM] file (which is placed before this top layer), and delete the new layer.



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