If the file has already been saved, File | Save updates the saved file. If the file has not been saved previously, the Save As dialog appears when Save is selected. Click the File | Save command or the button on the Quick Access Toolbar to save the file. You can also select the Save command by right-clicking an MDI tab at the top of the plot or worksheet window and clicking Save.


Use Caution when Saving Excel Files!

A file can be saved in an Excel format from MapViewer, but only one worksheet can be saved. MapViewer does not allow for saving multiple worksheets in a single Excel document. If a multi-worksheet Excel document is opened and saved as an [. XLS] file from MapViewer, be aware that only the single worksheet is saved in the document. All the unused worksheets are lost. In this case, a warning message is issued. The message reads: "Data in additional worksheets in file xxxx will be lost. Proceed?" Save the file as an alternate file type, such as [. DAT] or [. CSV], to save the changes in your worksheet and to avoid destroying the additional worksheets in an [. XLS] file.