Microsoft SYLK files contain data and worksheet formatting information except for background color. When SYLK files are imported into the worksheet, the data format is based on the information in the file. If the data has fixed formatting with four decimal digits the data are displayed in this manner when the SLK file is loaded into the worksheet.


If a SYLK file is created in another application and loaded into the worksheet there might be special formatting information in the file that the worksheet cannot use. In these cases, the data file is loaded without the special formatting. If the file is saved in an SYLK format in the worksheet the special formatting information is lost.


Technically, the SYLK specification has a 65,536 row limit and a 256 column limit. However, SYLK is an ASCII format so it is possible to have an unlimited size. The Golden Software SYLK Import/Export filters allow limits greater than the specifications indicate so larger worksheets can be saved in SYLK format. However, other spreadsheet programs may not be able to load these large SYLK files.



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