Introduction to MapViewerTM

MapViewer is an analytical, thematic mapping program. With thematic maps, data are linked to polygons, polylines, or points on a map, making it easy for you to visualize data distribution.


Consider the possibilities with MapViewer. With MapViewer, you can define sales territories, outline marketing strategies, view demographic distributions, show ecological distribution, present epidemiological studies, produce geologic maps, teach cartography, or display any geographically distributed data. MapViewer helps you present your data in the most informative ways.  


Although MapViewer includes a wide variety of boundary files, it is flexible in that it does not limit you to only working with the included boundary files. You can define your own territories by tracing existing boundaries, drawing completely new boundaries, or importing boundaries from files. Then, you can use the data included with MapViewer to produce various types of maps, create your own data file in MapViewer, or import your own data for use with the map.  


MapViewer can create the following map types: hatch, contour, symbol, density, territory, vector, line graph, multi-graph, gradient, bar, flow, prism, pie, cartogram, and pin maps. In addition, you can post data labels, add a graticule, create legends, display scale bars, and create map collars. Most maps can be calibrated, scaled, limited in range, and projected. In addition, you can analyze the maps with tools such as queries.


It is recommended that all users spend a few minutes working through the tutorial. The tutorial introduces you to many of MapViewer's features and helps you to understand how MapViewer works. The tutorial is short and easy to use. It will be a few minutes well spent.

Many options are available for customizing maps. This graphic

shows a multivariate bar chart, legend, graticule, and text.


The following topics provide a general overview to mapping in MapViewer.

Creating Custom Boundaries

Linking Data to Boundaries - The Primary ID

Creating and Editing Thematic Maps

MapViewer Boundary Types

MapViewer Data

Map Types

What is a Thematic Map?


Other Useful Information

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