Lesson 8.0 - Saving and Exporting the Map - Tutorial

You can save the map so you can access it at a later time to make changes or to use it in other applications.


Maps are saved in MapViewer in the [.GSM] format. The [.GSM] format is only recognized by MapViewer, and this format preserves the map exactly as it exists on the screen. To save in the [.GSM] format:


For this tutorial:

1.    Select the File | Save As command.

2.    Select a location to save your file in the left window pane of the Save As dialog.

2.    Type the name "My  Map" into the File name box.

3.    Click the OK button and the file "My Map.gsm" is saved in the current folder. The [.GSM] extension is automatically added for you.


If you are using the demo version of MapViewer you cannot save the map.



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