Lesson 8.1 - Using the Map in Other Applications - Tutorial

When you have a completed map, you might want to use the map to another application. For example, you might want to incorporate the map in a report in a word processing program. When this is the case, you should consider using the Windows clipboard commands to copy the map and then paste it into the other application. To do this, it is easiest and best to choose the Home | Clipboard | Copy All Layers command. This copies all boundary objects from all layers, including graticule lines, to the Windows clipboard. In your word processor, you can use the Paste command to paste the copy of the map into your document. This is very quick and easy.


Alternatively, there are a number of export file formats available by using the File | Export command. When you need the map to be saved in a file that can be read by other applications, you should consider one of the many export formats.


If you are using the demo version of MapViewer you are not able to copy or export the map.



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