Boundary Files

MapViewer boundaries can be imported or exported as vector files, Windows metafiles, or bitmap files. Refer to the file format chart for additional information on each file type. MapViewer includes a large number of boundary files in the SAMPLES folder under the main MapViewer folder. These files are usually in the Golden Software GSB format.


Vector Files

Vector files consist of areas (polygons), curves (polylines), and points, and are used to draw objects at precise XY locations on a map. You can use base maps to plot objects such as boundary outlines (such as a state or county outline), streams, water bodies, roads, buildings or any other type of object on a map. Vector files are used for the basis of most thematic maps. The vector file types are:

Golden Software Boundary [.GSB]

Golden Software Interchange [.GSI]

Golden Software Map [.GSM]

Golden Software Street Files [.STR]

AutoCAD [.DXF]

ESRI Shapefile [.SHP]

MapInfo [.MIF]

USGS SDTS Topological Vector Profile [.DDF]

ESRI ArcInfo Export Format [.E00]

USGS Digital Line Graph File [.DLG], [.LGO], [.LGS]

Atlas Boundary [.BNA]

Golden Software Blanking [.BLN]

Golden Software PlotCall [.PLT]


Windows Metafiles

Windows metafiles contain line drawing information for reproducing vector drawings. Metafiles can be scaled without any loss of resolution, and can sometimes have attributes, such as IDs, added to them.


Bitmap (Raster) Files

Bitmap files consist of raster images that are displayed as an array of dots or pixels on the screen. Some bitmap features can be edited, you can calibrate bitmaps, and you can import georeferenced bitmaps for use as background in thematic maps.



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