Bitmap Format Files

Bitmap files consist of raster images that can be effective background images for other maps. Raster images are displayed as an array of dots called pixels. After a bitmap file is loaded as a base map, you can scale the bitmap and change some bitmap properties using the Image menu commands.


Bitmap Coordinates

Bitmap format files use coordinates that, under some circumstances, do not match the coordinate systems used on other types of maps. If the bitmap is not georeferenced, the coordinates are usually the number of pixels in the X and Y directions. MapViewer does support georeferenced bitmaps (GeoTIFFs). If a bitmap is not georeferenced, you can use the Map | Calibration command to impose a new coordinate system on a bitmap.


Loading Bitmaps

To load a bitmap file, use the File | Import command. Bitmaps obscure any objects behind the bitmap image. If this happens, select the bitmap and choose the Arrange | Move to Back command. This moves the bitmap behind all other objects in the map window. You can show or hide bitmaps with the View | Show Objects command.


Encapsulated Postscript Bitmap EPS File Information

An Encapsulated Postscript Bitmap [.EPS] file can contain a bitmap preview along with the vector information. The bitmap preview portion of the file is the only portion of the [.EPS] file that MapViewer can read. If the file does not contain a bitmap preview an Import Error. File not in correct format. error appears.



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